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Call in the Cavalry

Ross Litkenhous and Heidi Gilbert

I’m proud to announce the launch of Cavalry, our new commercial real estate tax and advisory firm, built on the principles of exceptional client service, meaningful results and dogged determination. Most importantly, we promise to innovate and modernize an otherwise archaic and opaque industry.

Let’s set the stage.

It’s been decades since the last evolution in the property tax industry – which sadly enough was the introduction of MS Excel! Promises in the world of property tax consulting that offer platforms using “big data” and “client portals” are usually nothing more than clunky databases that provide canned reports and rarely built with the customer in mind. They certainly haven’t provided more transparency into a process that sees more than $100 billion in real estate taxes appealed each year throughout the United States.

Regular requests and delivery of sensitive financial information during the appeals process still primarily take place over email. And accurate annual forecasting of real estate taxes, the commercial real estate industry’s single largest operating expense, rarely hits the mark.

Cavalry is changing all of that.

We’re providing seamless information exchange through a secure mobile app available anytime and anywhere. It offers more transparency into appeal status, budgets, and tax projections… and it’s always at your fingertips.

We’re reducing your real estate tax liability faster, costing you less in time and money. There is a pervasive myth within the commercial real estate industry that pursuing tax appeals is always a “litigious process.” One that should be waged through a long, arduous legal battle with lawyers at the tip of the spear. Make no mistake, tax appeals have been and always will be an exercise in negotiating value; but if done right, they should rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Armed with the right information and a more efficient process, our team will deliver results faster than the competition.

We’re bringing to market an integrated team of career property tax experts that know real estate as a business. We understand the industry, valuation, as well as tax law and the tax appeal process. The Cavalry team includes appraisers, attorneys, analysts, and consultants equipped with technology and data that promises to deliver a better experience for both clients and team members.

We continuously innovate, never standing still and never satisfied with the status quo. We feel clients deserve a service provider that not only reduces real estate tax costs but consistently looks to build on best practices in doing so. With such big dollars on the line, why would property owners demand anything less?

Cavalry’s company culture, attitude, business model, technology platform and commitment to service are a culmination of my own personal experiences, relationships, ideas, practices, and grit developed, pondered, and preached for almost 20 years.

It’s been a winding road to get here but I’m confident what we are bringing to the market today is truly best in class. Thank you to ALL of our partners, advisory board members, attorneys, software engineers and numerous other service providers that have helped bring this vision to life over many months. I can’t wait to show the world what Cavalry has to offer!

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