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Texas Tax Services

Come and Tax It™

A Battle Cry for Property Owners Across the State of Texas

Come and Tax it (TM)

There are many things that make Texas unique, including the way the state assesses real estate for tax purposes. To help real estate owners ensure they only pay their fair share of real estate taxes, Cavalry offers a full suite of real estate tax consulting services in the Lone Star State.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Nationwide, we save our clients money on tax bills 96% of the time. In Texas, we’re delivering those results through our in-house expertise, proprietary technology platform, and network of local contacts.


Real Estate Tax Projections

Evaluating a real estate investment in Texas or seeking project financing? Our Taxonics® technology platform has redefined real estate tax due diligence, providing comprehensive real estate tax forecasts with 100% tax confidence, guaranteed.


Fiscal Impact Studies

A compelling fiscal impact study and economic impact analysis is a powerful tool for any developer seeking entitlements for projects in Texas. Our experience crafting effective studies through financial data analysis is invaluable when building support for your project with state and local decision-makers.

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