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Don’t Get Burned

Cavalry Real Estate Advisors blog post

Did you know that in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia (and most other taxing jurisdictions around the country), appealing your real estate tax assessment does not require an attorney or a lawsuit? The physical act of assessing real estate for tax purposes is an exercise in real estate valuation and appraisal. 

In almost EVERY case, the first few levels of appeal are administrative in nature and the process is a debate on what a property is worth. Period. So don’t get burned paying legal fees when you don’t have to. With the right team and diligent effort, you shouldn’t have to wade through a long legal process or frustrating litigation to find relief. 

We’re successful in reducing our client’s real estate taxes in 96% of all cases during the administrative levels of appeal. That means less time and fewer fees – all while finding value in your portfolio. 

In the rare instance where a court appeal is required, we have a team of attorneys ready to join the fight. It’s part of our integrated operating model – you don’t get bounced to another provider, meaning the whole process takes less time and is more effective. 

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