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Get it right or pay the price

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Income & Expense forms. Time consuming and expensive, right? Maybe with your current tax provider. At Cavalry, it’s a simple click, fill, drag and drop. We’re focused on making it easier because we know how important these forms are in creating an accurate and fair representation of your property’s value. 

Fact: Did you know that HOW you respond to the State of Maryland’s request for real estate income and expense information is your first line of defense when guarding against higher taxes? Each year, jurisdictions in Maryland will send out survey forms to one-third of commercial property owners to collect income and expense information about their commercial property. 

The state uses this information to develop assessments the following year. Filling out those forms can be time consuming, confusing, and painful. Moreover, your real estate tax service providers may be telling you to forgo submitting information on the forms or forgo submitting them all together – don’t fall into that trap. To put it simply, you don’t want the state guessing the value of your property… 

It may seem to go against the grain, but I believe property tax service providers have a responsibility to not only reactively pursue appeals when new assessments are issued, but to proactively work with property owners to mitigate unnecessary increases in assessment so an appeal isn’t necessary. 

So how do we make it easier? Our web-based income and expense application provides property owners with a fast and inexpensive means of completing tedious forms in a matter of minutes, while simultaneously receiving expert advice that will lessen the chances that your property is unfairly assessed in the future.

Get started now.

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