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Succeeding in a Competitive Market

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It’s no secret: the leasing market is becoming more competitive. With increasing vacancy rates across retail and office assets in the DMV, it’s critical your brokers are well equipped to pitch value when meeting with prospective tenants. 

I understand that our clients’ top priority is their own customer base: their tenants (current or prospective). And in any economic climate, reducing real estate taxes through real estate assessment appeals is an important tool to not only keep costs low for your customers, but to differentiate your property when competing for new tenants. 


Tenants will remain in the driver’s seat for the foreseeable future, demanding more than concessions and tenant improvement allowances. Reducing real estate taxes for current and prospective tenants is a tangible way to outperform competitors, attracting more interest in a particular property.

By keeping your pass-through expenses low, which includes real estate taxes, you can better position your property to attract tenants who are seeking a lower overall real estate operating burden and even advertise accordingly! 

At the end of the day it’s simple: real estate owners succeed when their tenants succeed. It’s part of seeing the big picture – and just one example of how we see things differently than traditional property tax providers.

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