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Tax Tech that Makes Your Life Easier

Person using Cavalry app on smartphone.

“There’s an app for that.”

A maxim that’s been historically true in nearly every field except real estate tax advisory – and one of the primary reasons I founded Cavalry. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on the customer experience. 1) I’m a people person, and building relationships with my clients always leads to better work; and 2) happy clients equal repeat customers.

One place where I knew our industry was lagging in CX was tech. But getting giant firms onboard with new technology is akin to turning an aircraft carrier. In contrast, Cavalry is more like a sports car – nimble and quick to accelerate into areas that improve experience, no matter how complex.

So, we created an industry-first app. 

That means our clients can securely access all of their most-valued reports from any desktop or mobile device – anytime, anywhere. It also provides transparency into an often-opaque process. And unlike other property tax industry technologies, this application is user friendly, requires no formal training and allows for secure two-way information and file exchange between the client and Cavalry team members.

Our clients now have the option to upload time-sensitive and confidential files directly into a secure cloud-based content storage platform, avoiding antiquated requests for information via email or phone call. Our team is automatically notified when files are uploaded, accessed, or edited – and you’re alerted when we do the same. 

We’re committed to bringing real estate tax advisory into the 21st century. If your provider is still wasting your time with last minute RFIs or requiring that YOU contact THEM any time you need to know what’s going on then you need to call in the Cavalry. Better service, faster results, and transparency for a modern real estate world.

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