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What Will Taxonics Do for You?

Taxonics logo and graphic elements

Today, we launch the first commercialized features of our Taxonics platform. Huge exhale.

Our team at Cavalry has spent 534 days in planning and development to deliver on a decades-long dream. For years we have worked in and watched the real estate tax consulting industry struggle to evolve with the broader technological advances in real estate. Even though real estate taxes are the single biggest property operating expense, and our own consulting industry provides immense value by managing and reducing that expense on behalf of commercial real estate owners and operators, the advancement of how those services are delivered has remained idle.

That has changed with Taxonics.

Taxonics began as a proprietary tool we engineered to help our team at Cavalry provide better, faster, and more valuable results to our clients. Today, we expand those benefits to provide two initial customer facing products for the Washington D.C., market – both on one simple, self-service technology platform.

Our INFORM product features content explaining everything you need to know about how a jurisdiction assesses commercial real estate. PROTECT provides customers with the tools and understanding to appeal a real estate tax assessment on their own. The goal is to help our customers understand, manage, and reduce real estate taxes on their own terms. More simply, we are productizing a segment of traditional real estate tax consulting.

The Case for INFORM

For institutional investors, with high transaction volumes and large portfolios, INFORM will assist them via tools and data that provide insights and understanding into how taxing jurisdictions assess and tax real estate.

As real estate tax consultants, one of the most-asked questions we solve for is “how should I budget taxes for my property?” That’s why understanding and estimating real estate taxes during due diligence and for annual operations is a valuable commodity. With more than 3,000 taxing jurisdictions throughout the United States, the assessment methodologies and real estate tax nuances are innumerably varied.

One of our goals with Taxonics is to provide the most trusted and trafficked platform for information and tools that explain what is confusing about real estate taxes. This includes easy-to-use tools and content to help reduce friction and uncertainty during the due diligence and budgeting process.

The Case for PROTECT

Historically, small-to-medium-sized commercial property owners have been under served by a real estate tax consulting industry that operates on a contingency fee model. More than 80% of the 11,000,000 commercial buildings in the U.S. are comprised of properties valued at less than $5 million.

Often, the owners and managers of those smaller but important properties are passed over if not outright dismissed by real estate tax consultants looking to maximize consulting revenue by targeting high value portfolios. Taxonics will support this under served segment with PROTECT. PROTECT provides customers with all of the information they need to appeal an assessment – including step-by-step instructions specific to their property.

Shaping the Future of Commercial Real Estate Tax

This initial launch is just the beginning of our journey. INFORM and PROTECT are MVPs which will continue to evolve, and our roadmap for expansion both geographically and technologically is robust. That said, traditional tax consulting will never go away completely.

Our consulting division, Cavalry Real Estate Advisors, which incubated Taxonics, will always exist to provide the high-touch consulting and right brain creativity that certain real estate teams require when protecting their portfolio’s bottom line. It will also continue to grow to serve the needs of Taxonics customers who want to supplement their own efforts with the expertise of our consultants. Just like TurboTax fills a need for a certain segment of the population when a traditional CPA is not required, Taxonics will co-exist with and compliment Cavalry.

As we continue to grow the Taxonics platform to a subscription-based model, we will offer more tools and features that make real estate tax expertise accessible to anyone who needs help understanding, managing, and reducing their real estate tax burden.

Today our team has reached one mountaintop after a grueling yet rewarding climb. Now, we enthusiastically set out again as we begin our ascent to the next peak on the horizon. 

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