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Why Relationships Matter When It Comes to Winning Assessment Appeals

Ross Litkenhous Headshot

Did you know real estate assessments were recently issued to tax payers in Washington, D.C., and that the deadline to appeal is just around the corner? If you didn’t know this – whether you have someone reviewing your assessment or not – Cavalry is your best shot at quickly reducing your real estate tax bill.

Who and What. Two key words in the tax assessment appeal industry. I hire people who know the what – what’s happening in the local real estate market; what changes within a taxing jurisdiction and their assessment procedures mean for your business. But to stay a part of the team, they have to know the who

That means actively cultivating relationships with the players who have the biggest impact on the success of a given assessment appeal: state and local decision makers – including assessors, appraisers and attorneys who make the assessment decisions in their jurisdictions. 

To be clear, it’s not about currying favor – it’s about knowing the assessment process and real estate market inside and out. Building those relationships gives us the inside track on better understanding jurisdictional nuances and what that means for your portfolio – ultimately providing better results (i.e., more successful appeals).

Now, back to those D.C. assessments. The team and I have built strong working relationships with the Office of Tax and Revenue over the past two decades and our track record proves that we can achieve results for you more quickly than other real estate tax advisors. 

In fact, ping me today for a no-cost review of your assessment. Just follow this link, fill out a few fields, drag and drop a few pieces of information, and we’ll tell you within one business day how much we can reduce your real estate tax bill.

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